About Us


To outfit outdoors people with top-of-the-line cutlery, services and accessories without breaking the bank.  We intend to execute on this mission by fostering a positive community and providing a superior experience to every single customer.


Triple C Cutlery is focused on offering custom made knives and professional services at an affordable cost. Based in Royersford, PA, our line of quality and affordable blades paired with an unmatched devotion to providing quality customer service has enabled us to supply our customers with knives that we are confident they will enjoy using every time.


The first Triple C Knife ever created.
The first Triple C Knife ever created.

Lou Collins has been a knife enthusiast for his entire life, but there were a few things in the knife industry that bothered him.  The ridiculous prices and lack of customer service from high-quality knife dealers angered him to no end.

Fast forward to October 2012, Lou decided that he wanted to provide affordable, high-quality knives to enthusiasts everywhere. Collin’s Custom Cutlery was born.  Since then, through nothing other than hard work and determination, Lou has put thousands of top-of-the-line knives in the hands of customers all over the United States.  Triple C is more than a knife merchant. It's Lou’s mission, determination, and hard work made reality- Lou’s american dream!


Triple C's Core Values


Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. We strive for perfection, so that every customer's experience with Triple C leaves them completely satisfied.


Every person is unique. So, naturally, we believe the cornerstone of great customer service is a passion for understanding each individual's wants and needs.


Positivity is essential to us. We believe the best results come from positive mindsets, which is why we strive to foster it in our community and company culture.

The Founder

Lou Collins, who was born and raised in the King of Prussia area, has been an avid hunter and knife enthusiast his entire life. He is a husband, the father of two boys, and the sole founder of Triple C Cutlery, LLC. In addition to being the owner of Triple C he also works in the construction industry full time.